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Manufacturing Processes 

Wet Lay-Up 
With a suitably prepared tool, a gel coat is applied, this can be coloured, or specially adapted to have the finish sprayed post production. 
The fibreglass reinforcement is then applied, resin is then applied to wet out the dry glass, and consolidated usually with a roller. This process is carried out by hand, which it is known as hand lay-up. Cost effective for parts with more complicated shapes, as the tools can be split, making it suitable for undercuts. 
Closed Mold 
This process involves a two part tool that will create a part that has a finish on both sides. 
The material is put into the tool, which can first have a gel coat if required. The two halves of the tool are then brought together and held closed under vacuum. Resin is then introduced and left to cure. The resulting part has a good finish on both sides. The tools are more expensive to make as usually machined from aluminium, but the will last a long time and many hundreds of parts can be made from each one. 
Careful thought has to go into the design of the part as undercuts, while not imposable, are much harder to incorporate in the finished part. 
Vacuum Bag. 
This process is similar to the closed mould system, but instead of a two part tool, the top is sealed with a flexible bag. Developed for the pre impregnated material which goes on to be oven or autoclave cured, we have developed the process to be used at ambient temperatures with many types of resin. This will produce a very well consolidated part, but due to the extra cost of the bagging material, which is replaced every cycle, this can be less cost effective than other processes. 

Closed Mould or Resin Transfer Moulding 

Traditionally fibreglass was just a bucket of resin with chopped strands mat, wetted out in an open mould. This is still the most cost effective method of production for low to medium volume parts, also where more complex shapes, with undercuts etc. are required to be moulded as one part. Whether you need patterns, moulds or components, if you have an idea, we can help you make it. Contact our fibreglass manufacturers today to discuss your project. Based in Suffolk, we serve clients across Cambridge, Essex and East Anglia. 

The Name You Can Trust 

With over 25 years’ experience under our belt, when it comes to GRP products Anglia Composites is the name you can trust. Our expert team create all types of patterns, moulds and components, along with sourcing any fittings you may like to incorporate into your design. We specialise in the production of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) products and can also provide you with the raw materials you require for self service. Visit our gallery and take a look at some of the products we’ve made for customers across Cambridge, Essex, East Anglia, or see what’s new in. 

Why Choose Us? 

Free advice is only a phone call away 
We can produce your pattern, tooling and parts 
We are experienced in a wide range of manufacturing processes 
We offer gel coat or painted finishes 
Raw materials supplied for self service 
Free initial consultation 

Let’s get started! 

Our services have been enlisted by a wide range of areas, from the automotive industry to agricultural. If you would like a free initial consultation, have any queries or would like to get started on your product, get in touch with our team today on 01728 664 194, or visit our contact page. 
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